We help you with your Ethereum DevOps needs


Ethereum Consensus Validators

We can setup and maintain Eth2(consensus-layer) validators as well as their infrastructure and updates at scale.

DevOps Consulting

We can help setup DevOps based workflows for your project. We can setup a CI/CD workflow to enable friction-less development.

Ethereum Merge

We can consult with your project to prepare for the upcoming Ethereum Merge. We can discuss infrastructure related changes or help your team understand what the merge entails.

Security Auditing

We can audit the system architecture for your web3 projects. We can also setup automated testing environments to make your systems robust.

Team and Advisors at Gwei Labs

Parithosh Jayanthi

DevOps Engineer @ Ethereum Foundation

Overlooking operations, Advisor

Parithosh has experience handling over 100,000 Eth2 validators over multiple public and private networks for the Ethereum Foundation. He additionally has experience setting up and maintaining dedicated as well as cloud infrastructure.

Parithosh handles the technical architecture and helps maintaining everything at Gwei Labs.

Chirag Parmar

R&D Engineer @

Chirag has experience managing keys and designing security mechanisms for key recovery. He has deep insight into the HSM space, including the operating challenges. His current research dives into secure key storage on embedded systems.

Chirag handles the operations as well as help maintain everything at Gwei Labs.

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